Garage Muscle LLC.

Ryan Spiteri became fascinated with the health and fitness industry as early as age 13.  Exposing himself to general fitness at his local high school gym , he excelled his knowledge and grasped the growing bodybuilding scene within   health clubs across the state.

(Left) Peter Neilsen , (Right) Ryan Spiteri making appearance on Peter’s Principles

In 2007 Ryan’s fascination become a passion of his and he established Garage Muscle LLC.  With certifications as a personal trainer trainer, strength & conditioning specialist, nutrition specialist and professional boxing/ mixed martial arts referee, Ryan achieved his goal/dream by opening Garage Muscle Athletic Group located in Madison Heights, MI.

Ryan’s career successfully moved forward quickly, with his high profile clientele and  effective programs, he became the front runner among fitness professionals in the state of Michigan recognized for his accomplishments via newspapers, magazines and winning various awards,  television appearances locally  as well as nationally on ” The Today Show”  Live from New York City.

In 2017 Ryan opened up Fuel Smoothie Co. next door to the gym. By doing so, gave Ryan the ability to expand his effective knowledge on health and well-being through exercise and now nutrition also.

However, In April of 2018 , Ryan sold his fitness empire for an undisclosed sale price to peruse his other company’s ; Barn Find Furnishings Custom Carpentry  and At Ease Home Inspections.

Ryan is still active in the health and wellness industrial writing custom meal plans for local personal trainers and private hire upon request. For more information contact (248) 794-2177.