At Ease Home Inspections LLC.

Buying or selling a home can be a fun and yet also a terrifying process. However, which ever position you place yourself to be, there is gonna be questions and most of which will be in regards to the overall condition of the home you’re either purchasing or selling.

Ryan Spiteri; Inspector & Contractor

No one home or structure  is perfect and in fact all homes require maintenance, up grading, major/minor repairs and or total replacement or rebuilding of some features. However, its extremely important that you as the buyer or seller know the difference between major and minor discoveries and common signs of wear after a home has settled.

What is the At Ease Advantage? 

The home inspection is one of the most crucial documents revealed during the sale process. Its contents can negatively or positively persuade a buyer/seller to either move forward with the sale “as is” or renegotiate specific terms based upon the findings of the inspector.

The At Ease Advantage of Ryan Spiteri  completing your inspection, is his knowledge and experience within the skilled trade of  building. Ryan not only uses daily the same materials that construct a home but, researches and stays current on the performance, longevity and quality of the materials.

Through his expertise, Ryan has constructed a number system inspection report 1-3 categorizing his findings during an inspection; 1: Need Repair or Replace, 2: Cautioned or Awareness 3: Present however Common.

As you’ll experience,  discoveries that look vital to you during the inspection can commonly be proven differently as Ryan will explain while providing you with a stern comfort of ease with factual information and pics to clearly visualize.

Buying a home should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone and inexperienced inspectors often overwhelm buyers/sellers via their lack of knowledge by escalating the severity of their findings.

Don’t be detoured from your dream home, be happy with your purchase and remain At Ease every step of the way.